SwalrusWho am I?

Mark Schumaker – Artist, Programmer, Web Designer, Sculptor, part time inventor, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-a-couple.

Just Who the Hell do I think I am?

That’s the central question of this website. I understand that I’m not going to get many visitors, this site is mostly going ot be read by my family and friends. I think of it more as a diary of thoughts and projects. It’s interesting for me to look back through and see what I was into or mad about at certain times.

About the Name

Well what’s with any name anymore. Especially recently domain squatters are buying up anything that resembles a workable domain name. Who would have thought that sites with names like “Digg” or “Flickr” would be easy to remember and successful. But the real story is my friend Peter’s nickname is “Walrus” or “Pig Poppa Walrus” he also likes swallow tattoos. One day he was explaining to me a tattoo that he wanted to get “An old school swallow tattoo but with a walrus head, you know… a swalrus.”. Later I found a good deal on a hosting package and needed a domain name quickly, swalrus just popped in there.

The Swalrus Network

I’ve decided to create a network of artist sites using this domain as the head. It’s for all my friends who either don’t know enough or care enough about web sites to create their own. I’m hoping it will lead to a group of small, easy to maintain artist pages for all my friends.

If you would like to contact me about advice, collaboration, or just to heap mountains of praise on me. Here is an email address where you can reach me.

Email : Mark540 {at} Gmail.com
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