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Not much looks like it has changed on this page, but that really isn’t true. I wanted to be able to change the CSS styles dynamically so I used the Bloxsom plugin blosxcss. It allows the user to change to the flavor that they want to. But while I was researching this I discovered CSS Zen Garden this is a site dedicated to using css to its full potential. It is really amazing how different they can make the same exact HTML page look. After that I looked at my HTML code and realized that it was not ready for any css flavor changing. I went into it and added nested div statements so that i could change the look of the page. I then went into my css file and added those divs so I could use them. So anyway hours later… I had it looking the same as when I started… but it is different underneath. So then i needed another css file. I created the “splattered” flavor in about an hour. I really like the title image and I think I will continue to modify it. These two are layed out exactly the same but it dosent have to be. I will be continuing to work with these and adding more. Just click on the one you like in the left menu and the whole site will change to that flavor.
ps…I just tested the plugin, it works in all browsers except Opera… but who cares?

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