Working Early

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It’s one thing to be up before the sun rises. Farmers and some commuters do it every day. But maybe it’s just me but I think it is entirely unneccisary to be up , going to work, when the moon is still high in the sky. I had to commute with Cote this morning because my car is still trapped in Stafford. I left the house at 6am this morning, which dosen’t seem that early theoretically. Maybe it was the fact that it was FREEZING outside and I had to walk a few blocks from the Metro to the office. Maybe it was that I didn’t wear my heavy coat or gloves. Any way I look at it,it really really sucked. So now it’s 7:18am a time when I would normally be just starting to hit my alarm clock for the first time as I wake up, but I have been at work for almost an hour. Well at least there is still no actual work to do here, that’s coming next week.

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