Guess Who’s Back… Back again…


So last night on the way to my basketball game in Stafford (which we lost 42-46) I was trying on my mouthgaurd that I have to wear to protect my 4500 dollar bridgework in my mouth. I was noticeing that it wasn’t fitting right, then being that it was covered in spit it slipped out of my hand as I was taking it out. When I got to my parents house I looked on the floor of my truck and right next to the mouthgaurd (now covered in hair, change, and old french fries) I found the poor guy huddled on the floor next to some greasy looking pens. He was obviously frightened. Unable to call out for help (because of a dead battery and some other reasons inanimate objects can’t call out) he had layed there helpless as I talked of his missing older brother Lappy. While Lappy is still missing and presumed violated, Mr. Poddington has returned home. Unfortunatley he’ll have to remain unconcious until I buy a new cord, that was in the laptop bag.

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