I don’t know how to be single…


I’m really not used to this yet. For those of you that don’t know me very well I’ll explain my situation. I’ve been single since August last year. So that’s about 6 months, no big deal right? I’ve been talking to people my age and it seems like I’m a bit off. This stretch is the longest time I have been single since I was 15. And I think it might be longer than that. When I was 15 I started dating Crystal and dated her until my first senior year of college. After that relationship exploded in my face I set out on my single life. Unfortunately I found love too quickly. At the restaurant I used to work at I saw a beautiful young woman that I fell flat on my face for. I should have waited longer but I didn’t want to. I thought the year with Faith was great… but that was about 6 months ago… which brings me to right now. I really just like to be a boyfriend. I’m good at it. Maybe it’s because of who I was dating but I haven’t even had many friends that were girls, so even that aspect seems strange to me. I’m not good at the whole “when to call, when not to call” situation. I’m trying not to just jump into another long term relationship, but in truth, that is what I want. I was at IKEA today and I saw what I wanted. It wasn’t a new bed or dresser it was the cute couples shopping together. Maybe they were shopping for their first apartment or maybe they were just touring the store. I just really like having that person to connect with. I’ve met a couple of cute girls but for one reason or another I haven’t found the right one. Don’t get me wrong I’m not giving up on any of them! I think I just need a little more time?

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