So I don’t want to call the total victory yet…


But I think we may have won the battle with the fruit flies. It’s been like the Hatfields and the McCoys around here for a couple months. We would fight in waves. The flies would build up their numbers slowly and then seem to attack all at once. We would counter with furious slapping. Later we developed more devious weapons (cleaning spray and paper towels) but they were no match for the shear numbers of the fly armies. I envision the older flies telling their eggs how they would someday grow old enough to torment the humans while they were watching TV or using the computer. But like America, we the apartment dwellers eventually developed weapons of mass destruction. With one fell swoop we obliterated the hordes before they could mount another attack. The last fly just surrendered to me in the bathroom, just before I swatted him. VICTORY IS OURS!

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