Where the heck does my snooze go…


Every morning I wake up at 6:15 when my alarm goes off. The plan is to hit the snooze button once and be out of bed at 6:30, shower, dress, out the door by 7 so that I can be at work at 7:30 or 8 depending on the traffic. So the problem is that this week that hasn’t been happening. The alarm still goes off at 6:15 but when I hit the snooze button it instantly becomes 7:15 and I look up at the clock and say “Oh crap”. I swear that I don’t remember hitting the button more than once, and at 15 minutes per snooze that’s four times? I definitely support the theory that there is some kind of time displacement field happening in my room. Perhaps I need to get Jordi in there with a tricorder to investigate. Perhaps there is a leak in my warp core, that would explain the weird green spot on my TV.

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