To All,


As some of you may have heard my laptop case and everything in it were stolen from my appartment last Friday. Or if you haven’t heard then here is the story. Friday night I had been planning to go out bowling with my friends. Charlie (my roomate) said that he was going to have some friends over, this happens all the time so I wasn’t worried. I went out with my friends and didn’t return until the next day, that’s when I noticed something was missing. My laptop bag was no where to be found. I checked the car, all the rooms in the house, everywhere. I then started to call people and ask them if they had seen it. Another friend, Ryan, told me that he had moved it from the chair I left it in and leaned it up against the wall. Then I started to get worried. Through some other friends I learned that Richie (another friend) had invited someone from his soccer class at NOVA, who then brought more people. Three extra guys and one girl I think. And there we have our suspects, the only people over that night that hadn’t been over a thousand times before. I tracked down phone numbers that they could be reached at and called the first suspect “Omar”. Omar was not a nice guy, after telling me repeatedly that he had no idea where my laptop was and that “I should stop telling him what to do” he dropped this bomb “Don’t tell me what to do or I’ll come to your house and put a gun in your mouth” after that the phone call ended very quickly. I waited till Charlie got home and called the police to file a report. The officer was really nice and informed me that this would be grand larceny and also it could be federal charges for making a threat over the phone. Which is great and all… but as of 3om on Wednesday I haven’t even heard back from the police. I’m trying to keep up hope that i’ll get it back… but it’s not looking good.

Keep hope alive!

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