All may drive, but all must pay…


So a couple times last week I thought about writing about stupid drivers. I fell that NoVA would be a better place to live (drive) in if our fellow motorists weren’t complete asshats. The first example that comes to mind is potholes. Yes, they do suck and sometimes are big enough to loose a dog or two in. But most of teh time they are just little dents in the pavement. That dosen’t give you the right to hold up traffic while you drive your 50,000 dollar off road suv at 2 miles an hour over them. The truck was made to climb mountains, I think it can handle two inches of asphault! I’m not blaming people in small cars, since I’ve gotten my new car I’m a little more careful around them, but its nothing that a well timed swerve can’t handle.
The second annoyance I came across happened last monday during monsoon season. I don’t blame people for slowing down in the rain, especailly that amount of rain. But again when you drive an SUV that may as well have a snorkle on it, there is no reason to slow down to a crawl when going through a pubble that is one inch deep. Right or wrong it was my pleasure to blow by them in my little car giving them a mud boggin style rooster tail. I’m not going to say that I’m an expert driver…. wait, yeah I am, this is the internet! I can be an expert at anything I want. Lesson of the day, If you drive a SUV, don’t suck at it. You guys pretend you own the road every other day.

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