I am the king of impulse buys…


When I’m at the checkout of a convienence store and I see a new candy bar or other sweet goodness I have to buy them. If the package says “limited edition” it’s doubly so. I just can’t stop myself. What if I were to pass on them and I never got a chance to taste “limited Edition” dark chocolate Twix or “limited Edition” peanut butter lovers Reese’s. Where would the world be without Pepsi holiday spice? This king sized Snickers is “packed to the max” , am I supposed to deny myself 45% of my saturated fat for the day? They give you 100% if you’re not using them then it’s just going to waste. I am such a sucker for new marketing. But at least I know this and enjoy it. There’s no denying that I love new things and sales.

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