Does anybody else ever wonder…


What would happen if a hippo mated with an armadillo? And also there had to be some kind of nuclear reaction or gamma ray exposure. Because I found the offspring on the net.

Ok Ok so it’s not a mutant. It’s a hairless Guinea Pig! and I don’t care how ugly they are… I want one. He would have to have a proper name like. Mr. Horatio LaFleur or Mistress Penelope. Nothing else like fuzzy or Bob would do. They cost about 4 times what one with hair does, but why care? When you bring out that little sack of boney meat the looks on your friend’s faces when they say “What the hell happened to your cat?” will be payment enough. I’ll have to wait till my current Pig passes on. Because I wouldn’t want my new Skinnypig to know that he is a freak (and that is what they’re called) He needs to think he’s a normal pet, I think that would be good for his self esteem.

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2 thoughts on “Does anybody else ever wonder…

  1. so i finally checked out the links you have posted in your profile… and was abruptly confronted by something that looked like a diseased, hairless rat. although i have to admit, i’m a huge fan of the abyssinian guinea pig. its disheveled coat is just begging to be tamed with a brush (did i mention i like grooming pets?). haha anyway, have a good day at work (if you’re even there when you read this). p.s. my eyes are blue, not green 😉

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