I crush Healthy Choice Chicken Broccoli Alfredo…


Since I’m trying not to push my high weight record of 227 I have been trying to eat in the office more. I’ve always had tv dinners because my mom cooked with the microwave more than the oven. I’ve had both the good and the bad tv dinners. The consensus is that whenever you put heatlhy food into the microwave what comes out is some kind of sludge similar to Krusty Brand imitation gruel. But seriously, this has to be the best one of these healthy lunches that I have tried for lunch. I dont’ really remember all the flavor adventures I have been on, but here’s what I do remember. Weight Watchers (Red Box) sucks. All of them are like cardboard with water and mayo. Lean Cuisine is not that bad if you stick to the asian stuff. But these Healthy Choice ones are big and awesome and delicious
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