No golden ticket for me…


In keeping with my love for limited edition candy I picked up two candy bars with breakfast. So my breakfast consisted of a 16oz coffee, a crossant sandwich, and two candy bars… maybe not the best idea. But here is my impression of the “Wonka Bar” and “Donutz” . I ate the donut first, which is a good idea, since its always a good idea to leave the best for last. The donut is like a chocolate bunt-cake-like shell with smooth chocolate filling. Sounds good. But while it had the best intentions, somebody spilled old baskin robbins sprinkles on top of it. It was worth 85 cents, but no more. Half an hour later I was gettin the shakes for mo chocolate. So I went back into the drawer to get to the good stuff… WONKA BAR…(made in Brazil). It’s pretty good. Not like truffle good, but pretty good. Creamy crispy chocolate goodness. I kinda wish there was a golden ticket inside, not that I would want to visit a brazilian sweatshop candy factory. I might be greeted by some angry drug smuggling guerillas umpa-loopas. I have a high Charlie ratio at the apartment, maybe I should have them open my candy from now on for luck.

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