Since you’ve been gone…

Not only is that the title of a song by Kelly Clarkson, who I’m secretly a fan of (well it used to be a secret) but I have also been gone for the last 3 weekends. Off doing interesting things. Florida, Fredricksburg, Atlantic City, New york City. Each one of these trips deserve it’s own entry. But let’s be honest here… I’m not going to get to all of them. I’ve decided to try to do the highlights and see where that takes me.

Let’s start with Tallahassee Florida. I was tired of Teresa not coming back to Virginia to see everyone, so I decided that I would take a little vacation down to see her.

Trip Highlights :

  • Seeing Teresa again!
  • Meeting Jamal, and finding out he wasn’t a brother
  • meeting a 40yr old plumber who plays Halo2 and getting his Xbox Live name,
  • Almost seeing a house fall off a trailer on the road to St. Georges Island,
  • Getting really wierd sunburns cause I didn’t ask Teresa to put lotion on my back,
  • Going out to Bullwinkles on Sunday night,(3 dollar pitchers)
  • Puking out the car door on the way to a cookout on monday (good times).
  • Flight getting cancelled on Monday and flying out Tuesday morning
  • Going straight from the airport to work! yeah!

If I find the pictures I’ll link to them here!

I already wrote about Fredricksburg (see Tiny Tent story) But I did manage to find a few pictures from that night. Top 5 here I thought I took many more, but I guess all the drinking will make you think that.

Nueva York Trip! I wasn’t going to go on this one because money is a little tight, cause we’re moving into the new house. But I knew that it would be a great time. Wade had been biking towards New York from Richmond for about 10 days and He was finally going to get there on Friday. So we were going to meet him. At about 10pm on Friday night we get the great Idea to also stop by Atlantic City on the way up there.

Trip Highlights :

  • First sight of AC 2am
  • First comped drink 2:30
  • Watching B and Ben win and LOSE at roulette
  • Teasing B about losing all the money he was up
  • Leaving AC 5am
  • Touring the factory/railroad district of beautiful Newark New Jersey at 7am
  • Check in to Howard johnsons 8am
  • Check out at 1pm
  • Arrive Super8 Times Square 3pm
  • Accidently delete all the pictures off my camera!
  • Test the bed by jumping off things in the room onto it
  • Decide to eat at mysteriously non-existant Dallas BBQ in Times Square
  • Run through the streets of NYC in the pouring rain and get soaked
  • shower!
  • Go to Bar N0ne near NYU
  • Search for Olsen Twin, find much taller twin
  • Drink whole pitcher of beer, in imaginary race
  • Eat flaming hot pizza at 5am
  • diffuse situation between NYPD and FCPD, get called a lobbyist
  • Crash out!
  • Get woken up at 11am by some one shouting near the window about the street being closed
  • Rush to checkout to aviod getting trapped in the Peurto Rican Day Parade
  • Back on the Turnpike headed for home
  • Arrive home! 5pm

NYC (what’s left of the pictures) MOBLOG pics

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