The Beardening…


I figure I’d better write about this before I forget.
Guys hate shaving, that is pretty much a universal fact. The only reason most of us shave at all is that we have to go to work and look somewhat professional. Also that Unabomber look dosen’t really attract the ladies. I recently took some time off from work and went on vacation. I came back with the requisite “vacation beard”. I was off for a little while so it had grown in pretty well by the time I came back. Now I must admit I’m not Teen Wolf or anything, but I’m not the “Mexican Hairless” that my dad is. So there is SOME skin showing through no matter how long I let it get. So anyway, when I got back I just let it grow. Grow you little bastards GROW! I’m always a fan of facial hair experimentation, except for neckbeards… WTF is that!?. So I did a little trimming, and went with the rough, I may be dating Britney Spears look. Made popular my trendy celebs like the infamous Kevin “Mr. Spears” Federline. Or to a lesser extent Fred Durst. While this look does require less shaving overall, thus making my life 5% easier, I have one thing that I’m taking away from this… beards itch! It took me about at week to find this out and get sick of it. So I shaved it off the other day… well most of it. I’ve kept some sweet burns goin. They may come off soon too. But I’ve always been a fan of giant sideburns.
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