Vienna Square Garden…


Vienna Square Garden or VSG was established in July 2005 and will soon be the home of THE WORLDS MOST AWESOME BEERPONG TABLE muahahahahah. We spent most of Sunday working on our new beerpong table, to replace the closet door we currently play on. VSG is located above Draft Bastards II : The Vienna Sausage. Which is our bar in the basement featuring Miller Lite on tap and currently 6… no 5 cases of Guinness and enough Irish Cream to match. Since Greg and Charlie didn’t have to work until noon, and I am a professional Zombie in the morning we decided to do carbombs and play some officially sanctioned beerpong. It was a good time, the games lasted forever, not because we couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, bur because both games went into double overtime. With massive comebacks on both sides. Charlie and I forced overtime with a 4 cup rebuttal, only to go into double overtime when Jesse hit a last chance rebuttal in the overtime. Unfortunately we did end up losing. Then it happened AGAIN the next game, but the roles were reversed as Jesse couldn’t be stopped and hit 3 cups in a row on the rebuttal. Same result though, we still lost. I’d have to say that Greg was not his usual MVP self but Jesse came alive to carry the team. Charlie was making shots at opportune times, and once I got my pre shot ritual down I hit 5 out of 6 throws during one stretch. Cant wait for the new table… via BeerPong

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