There’s no way I can explain what this means to me, I’ve had permanent goose bumps all morning. This is the coolest most awesome thing that has ever happened to Fairfax. GMU in the Final Four. That doesn’t even make sense? I mean beating UNC was a huge upset and now this??? Sportcenter was all Mason all the time this morning. The Junkies talked the whole time about Mason; they had an interview with coach Larranaga for like 25 minutes! We are making history right now. I keep thinking it will end with the next moment but it never does. These guys are so calm under pressure! They face down the biggest teams in the nation and win!

When I was watching the post game press conferences I’m glad Coach L mentioned one guy, George Evans. George Evans was the leader of our basketball team when I started there in 99. He joined the Navy at 17 and spent a few years in the service before deciding to go to mason. He played with some of these guys his senior year here when he was like 27 (at least). Coach L said that he left his mark on the team and I believe it. These guys listen to the coach like he’s their drill sergeant. But they also know that you only have one shot at something like this and they’re enjoying every minute of it… and so am I!

Watch out Florida, Here comes GMU!

Good Article about the game

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