Goodbye Mason.


Well I can’t say that I’m not sad that they finally lost. This was one of the coolest weeks ever, every day there would be another story about how incredible it was for Mason to even be there. After beating Michigan st, UNC, Witchita st, and UCONN I thought we could beat anyone. But We played like crap in the second half and couldn’t come back against the stereotypical white guy making 3 pointers. It was very sad.

But I am so proud of our guys! People in the DC area have always know that GMU was a great school, but this finally gets us some national attention. I guess this means that I can move out of the area and my diploma will be respected! Keep your chin up Mason fans! At least this means we’ll be able to get some real college tshirts and stuff, which were never available before!

Go Mason!


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