Had a dream that my guinea pig ran away


Not just ran away but made a break for it. I remember in the dream having her out in the street. Then I think I put her on the ground and she was off running.

side note

Now if you’ve never seen a guinea pig run, you are missing out, get with it man! She’s so fat but has these little bitty legs that move so fast that all you see is a blur. She kind of looks like an impalla lowrider when the hydrolics are fully extended. Or like a big potato on 4 toothpicks, just really awkward.

So in this dream she heads for the sewer, so I run after her. She goes in… I’m right behind her. She goes down the hole with the ladder… I go face first down the hole. I almost catch her at the bottom, but she gets into a pipe about a foot wide. I reach for her… but she escapes into some kind of sewer netherworld. It was sad, cause I know that there’s no luring a guinea pig out of anywhere. She stays where ever she wants to, the only way is to grab her. So anyway that’s when I woke up.

Being stuck in pipes is not cool. I don’t even want to dream about it.


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