Random Thoughts May 5th


You know the days not going to go smoothly when you get to the office in the morning and your favorite stall in the bathroom has already been decimated…or maybe its weird to even have a favorite stall?

little things annoy me sometimes all the time. For instance, when exiting the metro the person in front of me will stop and wait for the little gates to close before touching his smarttrip card. Do they think we’ve developed technology that reads data through the air instantly, but has to wait 5 seconds between people? Just slap it down and go dumbass. Come on 5 freakin seconds! (dane cook reference)

the other thing is Richie Bevilaqua. Richie is becoming that little girl from signs. He leaves glasses of water everywhere around the house. FULL GLASSES. You know what I do when I pour a glass of water? I drink it. Its just fucking annoying.


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