Dream a little dream.


So I usually have these weird dreams then wake up all scared/excited then instantly forget them. But today was a little different. Not that I remember everything, but it’s enough to write down. So It was sort of hot in the house last night because We’re going all Macgygver on the AC right now. (but that’s another story) So I was tossing and turning a little last night. But that’s when I usually have the best dreams!

So it goes a little something like this.. hit it!

I don’t know if my car was wrecked or I just got it back but I remember that I decieded that I would fix it myself. So I go on what seemed like a montage from an 80’s teen comedy, fixing things and painting. I mean it really seemed like a movie, like it had music a quick cuts of close up parts being slapped on. (Gotta have a montage.. montage.. ) I remeber it being white (like it really is) and that I was painting something on it. So I get all done and I’m dragging my hang across my finished work. I step back to see my creation… and I’ve apparently turned my 05 Scion tC into a beat old El Camino. With blue curly things painted on it and gold leaf accents. Needless to say I was really disappointed. Which might have been enough to wake me up on a normal day, but then the car show was taken over by French revolutionaries. At least that’s what I think they were, I really don’t know how I know they were French… they just were. I remember them blasting music or something and then shouting something liek VIVA LE REVOLUTION! and then that got drowned out by some horrible noise that they were blasting out from their megaphones… which turned out to be my alarm clock. Then I woke up wide awake…which is when I should have got out of the bed… but I didn’t…and now I’m late for work.


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