So how good was Clerks 2?


In the words of that master thesipen Jack Black… “REALLY GOOD”
It’s hard to explain how funny it was without giving away any jokes from the movie or coming off as a complete racist. There are just so many bits in it that made me laugh outloud. Pussy trolls, Donkey shows, Silence of the lambs dancing, The argument about LoTR vs SW Killed!

“I just ripped on Lord of the Rings so hard I made a nerd puke!”

The way I try to explain in to normal people is that it’s really dirty, really really dirty, but REALLY funny. If you can find humor in donkey shows and racist grandmas then this is the movie for you.

“Come to think of it my grandma was sort of racist”

Kevin Smith has done a great job of following up one of my favorite movies. Or in Jesse’s case making a funny sequel to a movie he didn’t like that much.

Good Job Kev!


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