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Stardate: Friday night. Wolftrap. PLAY!, a Video Game Symphony

We had gathered the nerdiest group of our friends that we could Jesse, Mark, Cristine, Dominique, and I for a night of nerd symphony under the stars. We all put on our dorkiest clothes, well all the guys did anyway. Mark had his “NPC” shirt, I had the Konami code, and Jesse… well he had the caRRRdboard shirt. We got there a little late and it looked like parking was going to be a problem, but suddenly a magical new parking lot opened up right in front. So we parked, got out the blankets and cooler and headed for the law. We arrived just in time, by the time we got all set up the show was just starting.

This is where I realize that there are people here that are much much nerdier than my usual crowd. The kind of people who get excited when they hear the name of the composer for Final Fantasy. Otaku… which means excited american dork in Japanese. I usually try not to look down on people… but they make it so damn hard. I enjoyed the music from Final Fantasy, Battlefield, and Shenmue, but didn’t really recognise it. They played the Mario Brothers music, that was really sweet. Also they apparently played Sonic the Hedgehog, but I couldn’t pick it out. The music from Halo was really the highlight of the night for me. It was cooler because the felinne center looks like something straight out of a video game. The next favorite would have to be Zelda, that really sounds good when played by orchestra.

It was a really fun night! I didn’t realize that Wolftrap was so close to the house, it only took 5 minutes to get there. We’ll definatley have to go again. The lawn seats were perfect… especially with blankets and coolers!


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