Wednesday, a hump to reflect on.


Well it’s Wednesday again. Midway through the week a good place to see what we have planned for the weekend. And also since I never wrote anything about it, a good place to talk about last weekend.

We went camping in Shenandoah Nat’l park last weekend, it was a solid camping expierence. All the necissary elements were there.

Camping, check!,

Forgot important item, check!,

Burning sunburned flesh, check!.

Tubing down the river was awesome, not as cool as the James river but still good. there were more people and less cool things to do. There was a cliff to jump off of but it was really hard to get up to so I only did it once. to get up to the top you had to hold on to loose roots and climb up a rope. Not really what I expected, but still cool.

We’re trying to plan a day tubing trip again in a few weeks.

So this weekend we’re trying to have an end of summer-ish bbq and wiffleball game. Lets see how it turns out.

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