THE OPPONENT RIGHT HAND LEFT HAND So I’m pretty sure my little fight with the lamp ended with me cracking my knucklebone. As you can see my hand swelled up pretty big and it hurts to grip things. It’s been getting better, I hope this won’t affect my softballin’ tonight. I also included a picture of the ice cube lamp so you can get a better appreciation for it. This is a serious piece of glass.
On other fronts we’ve been pretty busy at the Vienna Sausage factory with projects. Jesse has been working hard on the electronics for the Pong table, Charlie has decided that he wants to keep stats on the games so he’s making a web application to track them. I’ve been technical advisor on that project because it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been working on at work… but much much smaller/easier. This weekend I’ll be finishing (hopefully) the boxes for the underside of the table and mounting the cathodes. I would really like to get some of this out of the way so I’m not freaking out right before the Halloween party.

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