I am Lance Armstrong


I’ve been biking to the Metro station for the last 3 days to save money and cut the layer of fat that’s protecting my rock hard abs. It was really hard the first day, then I figured out how to raise the seat up a little and it’s been much easier. I Bought the bike from Ellen for $25 and I bought a $15 lock. So I figure I have to keep this up for at least 2 weeks before I can start driving again and go back to being lazy. You see I’m saving 3.75 per day by not parking my car at the Metro.

So lets review. I own 2 cars… but ride a bike to work.

So I don’t know if it’s the most healthy time today, I rode the bike over to blockbuster to pick up some movies. Then I stopped by Popeyes to get some food. so I guess it has to be better than driving over there. but for the rest of the day i’m sitting on my ass watching movies and eating greasy food.


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