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On recovery monday we did some nice work on a few projects that we have around the house. I made major progress on the skull door knocker, finally attaching the knocker piece. Without which it wouldn’t be much of a knocker. It looks sturdy enough to be actually used, but this is the B version of the design. I had to go back to the drawing board after I kept breaking off the knocker. So really all that’s left not is to glue on the skull and paint the thing. I’ll get started on that tonight, since there’s nothing good on TV.

Jesse continued work on the beerpong table 2.0 installing 60 out of 90 blue LEDs ( he would have more but he forgot to order them!)

But the ones that were there looked sweet!

A minor incident happened when he was showing me how bright they were. They started flickering on and off in weird patterns, I heard him say “wow, I wonder why that’s happening?” and then we saw smoke coming from the board. turns out it was just a short circuit and the driver chips are OK. But one LED was reduced to a smoking crater.

check this link for progress pics


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