The Mathmatics of Offending

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It just hit me. My latest half baked theory, I was just reading an article condemming South Park for featuring Steve Irwin in their Halloween Episode. The article menitoned that it was too soon for a joke about his death. (which it probably is) but that’s not the point, the reason South Park is still on the air is that it’s an equal opportunity offender.

So here’s my take on why this is getting news now, It’s really a testament to Steve Irwin’s popularity rather than to how offensive the episode was. Because they’ve definatley had more to say about some other celebrities or political leaders. And they’ve done things that were way way more offensive. Let me just mention a few random South Park Related words.

Cherokee Hair Tampons

In the episode “It Hits the Fan”, South Park broke the swearing record by using the word shit a total of 162 times, uncensored.

The Butt faced People

In December 2005, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights protested the season finale episode, “Bloody Mary”, for its depiction of a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding from her vagina.

Furthermore, while the channel refused to broadcast an image of Muhammad, Comedy Central opted not to censor images of Christ, the president and the American flag being defecated upon.

So where’s my theory? Well here it is, If the figure or Belief being made fun of is liked or generally well thought of by more than… lets say 75% of the general public. Then it’s considered totally uncool to make fun of them. But if you want to make fun of Hitler, Satan, Saddam, OJ, Gary Condit that’s fine. But those targets are too easy, where the real money is are celebrities. Because there’s always enough people who dislike them to keep them below my magic 75% number but they’re still well known enough to be recognised. ex. John Travolta, Rosie O’Donnell, R-Kelley, Politicians. Also if you make fun of Tom Cruise you might win an Emmy. Because with all his craziness this year he’s slipped almost OJ levels of creepyness.


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