Update on the new Admiral Ensign Ackbar


foot1 foot2 foot3 So it’s been a couple months? Maybe since we gave away the admiral, reports from Chris Brogan have him living well in the 120 gallon tank. Some water quality issues, since he never changed the water before this. (he only had 3 fish in there so it really didn’t matter). But I think he’s going to be fine. So when the little ackbar enlisted he was little more than a head and tail. But he quickly went to work eating every piece of food he could.

It’s like he knows that he has to be the biggest fish in the tank. He went from being the smallest to the biggest in record time, with no signs of stopping. When it’s feeding time he’s like pac man. He is so quick about going from piece to piece it’s really cool. I usually feed him on one side of the tank to make sure that some pieces fall down to the smaller fish on the other side.

Also an update on “scarfish” (the dumbest fish in the tank). a few weeks ago he litterally got stuck in a hole in the boat. I thought he was dead because he was just sitting there diagonally half in the boat. but when I tapped the tank he freaked out, didn’t do him much good, but he was really trying. I tried to push him through, but he was REALLY stuck. I had to reach inside the boat and pull him through the hole. Which had to be painful, if fish feel pain that is, becuase I scrapped off a bunch of scales off his back and his left fin had been worn away from the gravel. So he was in really bad shape. But just like Tony Montana he has clawed his way back to the top… or second to the top. First lieutenant to Ackbar. (or whatever one rank below him would be)


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