So it’s happened again.

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Well two things actually, First the Halloween party… and then me being too lazy to write somethign up about it and post it here for 2 weeks. But oh well, here goes nothing.

It was a pretty good time (from what I remember of it) We had a good amount of people there, some new, some old. Some notable execptions (Billy, Wade, Will) some of them had resonable excuses while others were just jackasses.

Jesse and I started playing beerpong on the outside table when the first people arived… and never stopped. I don’t want to make too big a deal of it because after 2 weeks the novelty has worn off a bit and it’s just a drinking game. But we did win a house record 14 games in a row. Smashing the old record of 9 (held by that loser Bobby). It was really exciting, but it did cause us to miss most of the stuf that went on inside (which i’m told wasn’t that exciting anyway) But I did send Frenchie on a camera run inside the house, so we have pictures of most everything.

So here’s the link to the gallery

Halloween Party 2006


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