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So just a quick thought on having a smartphone. My friend Corey at work is always asking me questions about the best new phone to buy. Because he wants to “get his nerd game tight” he wants a smartphone. So I’ve been advising him on the new Treos and others. But What I’ve just realized is that ‘normal’ people aren’t ready for these kind of things. It’s just like my mom’s computer, she keeps complaining how slow it is, but really it’s just that she dosen’t do all the maintenance XP needs. So it gets clogged up with snowflake screensavers, greeting card programs, and product surveys.

I’m saying this because yesterday I had to re-format my phone. I’d been getting crappy reception and performance on applications so I decided it would be best to wipe it clean and start over. ( which it totally was, everything works fine now) But there’s no way Mr Avg phone user would be able to do that (without erasing all their data anyway) I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because this just means more work for my Cingular boys. Anyway, not a sermon, just a thought.


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