256… um 257

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as of a few seconds ago there were 256 posts on this site. This making it 257. My first post was from December 2004 a long time ago in a small office in Arlington. The old blog has come a long way since then.

Two hundred fifty-six is also:

* The number of characters in the new Braille 8-dot system.
* The number of different values in one byte, which makes it the typical number of different values in each color channel of a digital color image (see color space encoding).
* The year AD 256 and 256 BC.
* The Split-Screen Level in Pacman
* The number of counties in Texas.
* The number of characters in Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita.
* An area code in Alabama.
* The number of regular season football games in the NFL.
* The frequency of Middle C on a piano in hertz.


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