I guess we knew it couldn’t happen every year.

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But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t hope it could! Going into this weekend we knew that it had been a disappointing season. Not just by comparing it to last season, but our team has been pretty good for a couple years now. It just seems that we can’t handle the pressure of having the bulls-eye on our backs all season. We lost a lot of tough games along the way to VCU, ODU, and (dear lord) William and Mary. But this is March. This is Mason time.

Not really expecting much I couldn’t even find the first game on tv on Friday. Then I had a wedding to go to on Saturday so I missed that one too. On a lazy Sunday afternoon I found the ODU game on Comcast Sportsnet, that was a good Mason game. Our defense was solid, Dre Smith was lighting it up from outside, and Campbell was leading the way. But then Monday, the pressure started.

I’m not going to give play by play or anything but lets say that it was a great game until the last 3 minutes. That Maynor kid from VCU took over and won the game with steals and from the line. We (without our first option point guard) just kept giving them points. It’s sad… but we can’t be Cinderella every year. Hopefully we’ll make a strong showing in the NIT and we have almost all of our players coming back next year.

G! M! U!

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