Summer plans at the Sausage

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All this warm weather has gotten me anxious for summer. The weather was so nice on Sunday that we decided to set up the fire pit on the deck and have a little cookout. (I know, this doesn’t sound like a safe idea. But neither is anything else I do) I remembered how much fun barbecues are and how much I want to have one. Then I thought of how much fun the little pool was, so I want to set that back up. Then that led me to the Wiffleball home run derby. I know I might have to wait to get all three of these ideas into one day of awesomness, but here’s list of summer fun at the Vienna Sausage (dates still to come)

  • Summertime and the Livin’s EZ barbeque: featuring Meat
  • Pool Opening Party: Hurry up before it grows algae
  • Dude we made a slip and slide / somebody take Jesse to the hospital
  • How drunk can I get before sundown challenge aka: Wiffle ball home run derby
  • Mark’s Birthday Party


One thought on “Summer plans at the Sausage

  1. u forgot to add the awesomest going away party ever… gonna miss u guys this summer big time. and i mean big time.

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