Allow me this rant.

Life, Rants

So I’ve noticed that my day goes by much quicker and I’m in a better mood when I listen to music all day. Why is that? Mostly because I don’t have to listen to the idiotic rantings of my slovenly cube-neighbor. He is a grade-A dork. Not only does he write bad code and yet constantly complain about others code (mostly because of formatting of all things) But he claims things are done when they are obviously not even close, which makes more work for me when I have to come in at the last minute and fix things before they go to system test and make more work for someone else.


I try not to be overtly mean to him. I try to think of what my mother would do, she being the nicest person in the world. But it so hard when he punctuates every sentence with annoying staccato laughter and keeps talking long after you’ve made it clear that you’re not interested anymore.

I think he should be my main argument for a raise. I put up with this guy more than anyone else does… give me more money.


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