Details emerge… but does it really matter

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With the world on a 24 hour news cycle it’s hard to watch the reporters repeat what details are already out there for hours on end. I forced myself not to watch any reports for hours yesterday so that when I finally did I actually got information, not just a sick feeling in my stomach.

I just feel this need to know.

Does it make me feel better to know the details, to know the face, not really. I just clamor for information. I need to know. It’s like when you were a kid and you watched the scary parts through the cracks in your fingers, you were scared to find out, but you really wanted to know.

This is the scary part in real life.

So if you really want to know and don’t feel like putting up with Geraldo’s mustachioed ego, then go to what I’ve found to be the best resource for information.

VT Massacre


PS. write your name like this and tell me it doesn’t creep you out today…

Mark Schumaker, 25, Vienna Virginia

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