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Hit you with the funk it’s like, “who cut the provolone?”
Government officials put taps on my mobile phones
Nations overthrown hold my own on my zone
prone to leave your dome blown poem after poem homes
Jones for the tones rome with me turn your motor on
Overall this war just just got it goin on
Overgrown child never growin old so when knows pokin notes
Till the never nose ho overdose
On my flows those flows goes deep
Hold your nose bros knows foes yo don’t sleep
slow your row, show my soul, total hold
Domination don’t ya know
Under comet like Muhammad with the verbal ropadope
It’s the..

paragraph president

Blackalicious has the best flows… well this sounds better than it reads. It’s the second verse of “Paragraph Presidents” off of Blazing Arrow. Still one of my favorite albums ever. I’m posting this because I was listening to their new album The Craft and thinking that it was a little sub par.


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