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Every movie season my boss does this contest where we pick what movies are going to be the highest grossing movies. I think I have a pretty good list this year, but I think that every time! There’s always some movie that I put on the list just because I’m really excited about and then it bombs big time thus keeping me out of the top… thank you very much Superman. I’m trying not to do that this year.

Here’s my list this year.

1. Pirates 3 $425,000,000
2. Shrek 3
3. Spider-man 3
4. Harry Potter 5
5. Evan Almighty
6. Transformers
7. Ratatouille
8. The Simpson’s
9. Rush Hour 3
10. Fantastic4 2

I did a lot or research over at boxofficemojo and thenumbers. But usually it just comes down to gut feeling. With all the sequels coming out it made it a little easier because you could look at things like how long in between movies it had been and what the previous films made. In fact my list only contains 3 movies that aren’t direct sequels and two of those are based on long running franchises (Transformers and The Simpsons). The other one is a Pixar film (Ratatouille) and they haven’t made less than 162 million ever. (A Bugs Life)

My only concern is that I might have ranked some movies too high and underestimated others. “Transformers” might be too high, Mr Bay’s last sci-fi film (the island) tanked hard. But this is Transformers god damn it. Produced by Steven Spielberg! Plus the effects look sharp and a reference from Clerks 2 tells me this is going to be big.

Evan Almighty might be too high also, but I just watched the trailer and it looks funny as crap. I’d say that coming off “40 yr old virgin” and “The Office” , Steve Carell is hotter than Jim Carrey was at the time. The thought of someone building an Ark in New Jersey also makes me laugh… you know in case it rains… or something. (see the preview…)

I had to leave some big movies off the list. It’s not like I don’t think their going to bomb, but the 10th place movie will probably make 120 million or so. So “Die Hard 4”, gone. “Oceans 13”, Gone. “Bourne Ultimatum”, gone. All rated R, or nearly R and part of franchises that are going downhill. so I chose Fantastic 4 as my 10th placer, the original made 150 million. In a world where “Ghostrider” can be a hit always pick the superheros.

We’ll see how this goes!


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