Vegans… an Argument You Can’t Win.

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Every once in a while I try to argue with people. These people are usually much more adept at arguing than me and I usually just give up. They think they’ve won, but in reality they just care more about their stupid problem than I do.

Vegans seem to love to talk about being vegan. (I’m a 5th level vegan, I dont eat anything that casts a shadow) I have no problem with a person being against the inhumane treatment of animals. Dog and Cats especially. I do think that some of the meat industry disgusting and there should be tighter regulations (thank you Fast Food Nation). But here’s the problem, we eat meat. Say… 90% of Americans are omnivores, off the top of my head thats about 270ish million people. How can you provide meat for that amount of people and not have some kind of large scale meat industry that keeps the meat movin? We’re really in a no win situation here, either eat, or be nice to the cows/chickens/etc.

What got me started on this is that I just read an article about a little girl (6weeks) who died because her parents were vegan and they starved her to death. Hopefully they will get some deserved punishment. Here’s a link to an Op-Ed piece in the New Your Times that says the rest of what I want to say… because I’m tired of arguing about it.
My favorite line of the article:

There are no vegan societies for a simple reason: a vegan diet is not adequate in the long run.


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