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Fuck David B. Albo , Fuck Him right in the Ass!

Delegate David B. Albo introduces us to the $3000 speeding ticket

WTF! He slipped this new law that increases all the fines for traffic offenses in Virginia 10 fold. Did he think that we wouldn’t notice when the $75 failure to signal ticket now comes with an extra $750 fine. Oh but it’s payable in installments for 2 years, ohhh thanks a lot ASSHOLE! I understand that you need money for transpaoration projects around virginia, we do have the 2nd worst traffic in the entire country, but do you need 10 times the money???

What else is also convienent is that Albo is, what’s that… A TRAFFIC ATTORNEY. Why wouldn’t I hire an attorney at say $600 to fight my ticket which will cost me at least $1000. There was no reason to hire one before when the ticket was only $75 or $250 or anything else under the cost of a lawyer unless you faced the prospect of losing your liscense. Good job Albo, somehow in the name of helping Virginia you’ve created major business for all your lawyer buddies.

Another thing I noticed while reading through the list of offenses is that there is no fine for the first offense of refusing to take a breathalizer or Blood test. I’m not sure what the fine for that is anyway, but it has to be less than 3 easy payments of $750 for failing a Breathalizer.

If I get one speeding ticket under this law it’s an additional $1050 fine. That’s like 3 months of car payments with insurance. I might as well sell my car because I can not afford this. Maybe I’ll move to Maryland… because this fine only affects Virginia drivers.

So in conclusion, Fuck him and his crazy law.

So pissed off!


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