All Good 2007

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I was thinking about something Laurel asked me.

“So did All Good change your life?”

Her timing could have been better as we were still at the concert when she asked this, but never mind that. Minds were blown, new outlooks were looked, and jam bands have jammed there way into my mind. I had a really good time out there. I think I would have a great time anywhere I go with Laurel, but this was a really cool experience. It was awesome to get out there with so many people who all wanted to have fun, with none of the immature posturing and anger that I remember from HFS.

Laurel and I get along better than pretty much anyone I’ve ever met. I remember when she said that her outlook on life was “Every thing always works out, for me” Which is, word for word, something I actually said to Faith a couple years ago. (I did not get a good response) I just looked at her with a blank stare because I couldn’t believe how perfect she was for me.

Without Laurel I would never have gone to a three day concert/campout in the West Virginia mountains and I would never have known how much fun you can have out there. Before I might have wondered if there was someone I was missing in my life. She makes me wonder what I’m missing everyday I’m not with her.


One thought on “All Good 2007

  1. I knew as soon as I asked the question that it should have waited until the weekend was over. But I’m glad that I asked the question. I’m also glad that we went together and there was no one else there to skew your view of the event. Equally, I’m glad that you have opened your self up to my musical world and found your place in it.

    As far as everything else you said goes…..Ditto and right back atcha!

    Let’s go again next year and change other people’s lives.

    I love you!

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