Google searches that return nakedness that really shouldn't, Part one.

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link number one, safe search on… wtf
Scared People

(while not at work I clicked this link. I think it might lead into the cavernous underbelly of the internet. It’s part of my favorite part of the internet, communities that exist outside the normal bustling public part of the internet. I think of it like a pyramid, sites like Amazon and Google on top based on a foundation of pornography but further down are sites like this that cater to specific sub-genres of internetians. Like sites that post Star Trek fan fiction about homosexual affairs between Kirk and Spock or in this case some weirdo posting strange pictures alongside his creepy poetry)


I checked this again and I think the unintentional nakedness is gone, but there are some naked bikers having sex on the first page of results. Happy Surfing!

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