Drug war hits the Mall

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Here’s a story that I found today and it’s happening a few blocks from where I work.

Stoners light up the Congressional Softball League

Apparently the team from Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is in first place in the league. What makes it great for me is that the team from the Office of National Drug Control Policy refuses to play them.

A comment from their captain on the blog says this:

I e-mailed our press release to Tom Riley, the official ONDCP spokesman, with a personal note:

“Any chance the ONDCP is willing to reconsider playing the One Hitters in a friendly softball game? If you’re scared of losing to a bunch of drug policy reformers, those fears are probably justified, but we promise to be gentle…”

His response:


For me this is a perfect example of our nations failed “war on drugs” policy and the ineptness of DC politicians. They wont talk to you about it they’re to stupid to understand email.

and on a related note.

Get this through your head America, DON’T USE CORN FOR BIOFUEL

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