Two new blog related things.

Projects, websites

I figured out how to upload pictures directly to this blog… it was in a box 2 inches below where I type the blogs in… and I design web pages for a living. Oh well, it’s working now, so I think I’ll spice the place up a little with some camera phone pics of whatever I’m talking about.  Could be fun.

In the same vein, I’ve also decided to use the “notes” feature on the 8125 to get down all the little tidbits of blog comments that I think of. When I’m on the Metro I constantly think of little things to say. But I never have the time to get them up on the blog, not that it really matters because nobody reads this thing. But it would be nice to get the old ideas out of my head (to make room for new ones). I’m pretty sure I can only have like 30 things going on in my head at the same time, that includes appointments, projects, upcoming birthdays.

Today on the way home I’ll try to set up the mo-blog again. I had it working on the Treo but it was never a smooth system. With windows mobile I’m hoping I can just call up this page and log in like normal. Should be a pretty smooth process.


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