People who I may or may not look like.

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Apparently I’m pretty bad about judging what celebrities my friends look like. I still think that in a certain light Laurel looks like Katherine Heigl(Who, judging by her google search, is the cover model for ‘Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine’) But I get it all the time, “you know who you look like?”. Well it’s time to put them to the test. Here are the comparisons that I’ve heard… good or bad

Thomas Jane20071011_00174.jpgThomas Jane – I think Crystal was the one who thought I looked like this guy. I think it’s a pretty good comparison, butt-chin (check), big nose (check). Plus he’s played Mickey Mantle and The Punisher, so you can’t go wrong there.

Carey Elwes20071011_00175.jpgCarey Elwes – There was a bartender at Carlos O’Kelley’s that always told me I looked like Wesley from ‘The Princess Bride’. I kind of see it, especially in this photo. Not a bad life being the Dread Pirate Roberts, if you can get it.

Kid Rock20071011_00176.jpgKid Rock – Some girl at the Vienna Starbucks told me I looked like Kid Rock. It was early on a Saturday Morning and I hadn’t had a haircut in about 5 months… and I was wearing a hat. I guess? But Laurel seems to think I should have taken it as an insult. What-ev

Will Ferrell20071011_00177.jpgWill Ferrell – I forget who the person that told me this one was? But I don’t really see it. I actually think he looks more like my friend Peter? But I did grow a mustache a few years ago because I liked ‘Anchor Man’ so much.

Zack Braff20071011_00178.jpgZack Braff – Laurel thinks this one is a lock. I think maybe if you leave out his nose. Much of my power comes from my big nose. It’s a proven fact. I can’t really find many other faults in this one. Maybe I do look like him.

Ben Roethlisburger20071011_00179.jpgBen Roethlisberger – source-Little old lady at the 7-11. plus somebody else that I’ve forgotten. I do have the same stats as Big Ben, 6’5″ 135lbs, I’m sure he’s a little bit more in shape than I am… and I can’t throw a football to save my life.

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