Poddington Jr. – missing – found alive – scared.

Life, Randomness

So I’ve been wondering where my Ipod shuffle has been for a week or two. I figured it was either lost or in my room somewhere. So I “cleaned” up my room, I didn’t find anything. My next thought was that it was in my laundry somewhere, since I hadn’t seen it in a while and conveniently had also not done laundry in some time. I’d actually bought more clothes instead of doing laundry. So where do I find the little Poddington? Staring at me from the open door of the dryer.

I guess this says a lot about Apple’s quality, but the thing still works! I think I got lucky because it had to be dead by the time it went into the washer, I had left it in the “on” position. But it survived that and tumbling around in a hot dryer, the earbuds still work too!


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