Cardboard Boat 2008

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I’m tired of the Cardboard boat Regatta in Stafford not being run the way I think it should be. Not the logistics or the location, but mostly the prizes and marketing. Well… really I don’t care about the prizes, that’s not why we do it anyway. I care about having a good time and getting a good t-shirt. Jesse and I still wear out “CarRrRdboard” and “SCYC” shirts all the time. I think an event t-shirt should remind you of the good time you had, not that someone had to use iron on t-shirt transfers to make the prizes.

So I’m using the only strategy that I know. Just go ahead and do it and see what happens.

I’ve already made the logo for the Stafford Cardboard Yacht Club (SCYC) for 2008 (i might need to clean it up a little). Our slogan will be “Victory Through Corrugation” . I have a basic logo done for the entire event I just need to convert it to one color so it will be cheaper to print on shirts.

Here’s a link to the website I made for it. Gotta keep it quick and simple.

Cardboard Boat 2008

SCYC 2008CBB 2008 logo


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