Suburban Superman


It’s a pretty good feeling when you do something that saves you money and do it right. Yesterday I was the model of a resourceful suburbanite. I changed the oil and filter in my truck, then I moved the yard, then I changed the brake pads on my car, then I had a beer.

Merchants Tire thought they had a sucker when I came in and wanted my alignment done and oil changed. Probably because I used a coupon and was still dressed from work. When I came back to pick up the car they told me that my brake pads were down to 1mm and I needed to get them changed. I thought, well maybe, because I do have almost 30000 miles on the car. But then the guy looked me right in the face and said that it would be $295.00. That included $135 for the pads, $90 for labor, $35 for rotor resurfacing, and some extra because I was a “city folk”. Well how much did it end up costing me? Well the rotors were fine and the brake pads were $20 , I bought a set of C-clamps for $5…. for a savings of…. $260.00.

Man I hate mechanics… except for that guy Alex… i’m cool with him.


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