Nothing like a funeral to brighten your day!

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I found this video on Boing Boing today. It’s Big Bird preforming a song at a memorial service for Jim Henson. It’s really touching, It makes me think back to all those Henson produced shows I loved as a kid (and still do!). It’s funny that I know there is someone inside that suit, but I’ve always thought of Big Bird  (and all the muppets) as their own people. Laurel and I went to a Jim Henson exibit at the Ripley Center in the Smithsonian this summer. It was a brief retrospective of his career, from high school through his death. It was amazing to see his early works and the creativity that drove him. It really inspired me to get creative, since then I’ve tried to make something, anything, every day. It’s not the easiest for me because as the youngest child in my family I don’t have the drive my older sisters do. But I am trying!

I’m totally watching Fraggle Rock when I get home

[via] Boing Boing

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