Things I learned this weekend…

Life, Randomness

In the order I can remember them.

1.) You can NOT make it to Staunton Virginia from Fredericksburg by 4pm if you leave at 2pm. Also you should realize this when you get to Route 20 at 2:30pm and just give up instead of driving out to Skyline drive… but it was a pretty drive.

2.) Gay men do not appreciate Han Solo related belt fashion. Apparently satchels are out this year.

3.) Some people don’t appreciate being called “Matt Mirabile’s Sister”

4.) After driving around for 8 hours you really don’t want to go out to a party, you just want to not be driving anymore.

5.) If while at a party someone hands you a drink that they’ve dubbed “Sheep Shit” just pass on it. Trust Me.

6.) There must be more…

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